Latest Smart Phone Features

The need to get connected is a vital human need. Many manufacturers in the cell phone market continue to strive to fill this vital need. To differentiate their cell phones from others, the trend has been to design the latest smart phone features that can appeal to consumers.

Most smart phones in the market are 3 G enabled. Some are equipped with high-definition capacitive touch screens. Apart from Wi-Fi and GPS capability, other features may include a RAM of 1GB and dual cameras that are useful for taking high quality photos and for video calling.

FM radio, MP3 playback and email capabilities have become standard features in smart phones. Whether these phones are single or dual SIM cards that provide multiple network options, they are usually equipped with Bluetooth.

Newest Features in Smart Phones

Some of the latest features in phones include the air browse, air move, air call accept, air jump and quick glance capabilities. These are practical phone capabilities that many consumers will find interesting to interact with. They mainly incorporate the latest hands-off technology.

Using the Air Move feature, you can tap an icon with one hand, move it over and continue holding it while your other hand drags it across the sensor on whichever side you choose. This easily allows you to shift the location of icons. While organizing your calendar, you can tap an event and hold it while your free hand drags it to the side that you desire. This way, you can simply move an event to a different day or week.

Imagine accepting a call from your phone by simply waving your hand towards the screen. The Air Call Accept feature enables you to receive phone calls even when you are busy working with your hands. You can answer your phone comfortably without distraction even when handling transactions at a cash register.

The Quick Glance feature allows you to move between photos, skip tracks and answer calls on your phone without touching any buttons. This capability is useful for hands free situations like operating heavy machinery. It can also be used to move icons around and navigate your way online through your internet browser.

Though it may not be quite as accurate as operating a keypad, the Quick Glance feature is very practical. It comes in handy when flicking through PDF pages, shifting between tabs and making large jumps across web pages. This feature does not become operational unless you turn it on. Nevertheless, it may need a little time and effort to master.

The Air Browse feature enables you to scroll up and down through text by simply tilting your head up or down. The phone needs to be in a steady position while scrolling. This technology monitors your eyes and is sensitive to movement. Because the feature may not be perfect, you may need to make strong head movements to achieve this function. Alternatively, you could tilt the phone up or down for the same effect. You can also select the speed at which the text scrolls down or up.

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