Tokyo Olympics Daily: Japan is immersed in the spirit of the Olympics

Table of Contents Japan will switch to the tournament as the nation secures its first gold RecommendedhighlightOn the podium Japan will switch to the tournament as the nation secures its first gold Judo Nagano Fujinao won Japan’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, ensuring the early glory of the […]

Japan will switch to the tournament as the nation secures its first gold

Judo Nagano Fujinao won Japan’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, ensuring the early glory of the host country in the hope that the organizers will provoke broader enthusiasm for the Games.

No fan witnessed the historic moment, but the commentator for public broadcaster NHK was Takato. One Against Yang Yung Wei Taipei, Taiwan To win the match.

“I’m happy to be able to help revitalize the Japanese team by winning the first gold medal,” Takato said after winning the men’s weight class under 60 kg.

Following Japan’s first victory, two more gold medals were won on Sunday. Yui Ohashi won the women’s 400-meter individual medley in swimming, and Yuto Horigome won the first ever Olympic gold medal in the men’s street skateboarding.

Opinion polls by the majority of Japanese for the tournament The people opposed Host the game during a pandemic. But in the first full day of action on Saturday, the International Olympic Committee reported that 69.4 million people, about half of Japan’s population, watched at least part of the tournament on television.

Japan’s Yuto Horigome made his Olympic debut this year with another gold skateboarding added to Japan © AFP via Getty Images

Within the IOC It was a belief for a long time Early success at the competition is that despite the public health crisis, it will attract Japanese viewers to the world’s largest sporting event in its hometown.

Judo was a quiet and confident event. The match is held at the beloved Nippon Budokan, which was built when the Olympic Games were first held at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Japan currently has 40 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 26 bronze medals in this sport, the highest ever.

When Kosovo’s Distria Krasniki defeated Japan’s Funa Tonaki in the women’s 48kg final on Saturday, the former was even the most favorite in the world, but even disappointed.

Prior to the tournament, Naoki Ogata, a Japanese officer of the International Judo Federation, was hoping that he would definitely want a gold medal in all weight classes.

The enthusiasm of the people was also captured during Saturday Men’s Cycling Road RaceThe masked public ignored the official advice and lined up along the meandering 234km route from Tokyo, giving a glimpse of the rider’s passage.

At the women’s road race that ends at Fuji Speedway in the afternoon, a similar scene is expected where thousands of fans can watch the game from the stand. NS Prohibition of spectators at the stadium It doesn’t grow outside of Tokyo.

However, there are many dissenting opinions. The photo of Yasuhiro Yamashita, chairman of the Japanese Olympic Committee, not wearing a face mask when talking to officials at the judo tournament is a local headline.

Known for Beat Takeshi, a movie that turned from a comedian to a director, etc. Brother and fireworkGave a rare and bitter rating Otherwise popular The opening ceremony of the TV program on Sunday.

“It was great, I slept through most of it. Please return the money,” he said, looking back at the 2020 Games and predicting that he would realize “how stupid Japan was.”


Australia's Cate Campbell will compete in the Women's 4x100m Relay at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Team Australia won the women’s 4x100m swimming relay three times in a row and set the world’s first record at the Tokyo 2020 Games © Getty Images

  • The Australian Women’s 4x100m Swimming Relay Team set the first new world record for the Tokyo Olympics and won the gold medal with a time of 3: 29.69. The team finished 3 seconds earlier than Canada. In the pool, US swimmer Chase Kalisz won the men’s 400-meter medley at a time of 4: 09.42.

  • The Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that a typhoon could land in or around Tokyo on Tuesday at the earliest, which has already disrupted some sports schedules. Typhoon Nepartak was formed on Friday in the southeastern part of Honshu. The Olympic organizers said they were monitoring the storm and the possibility of further postponement of the event.

Britain's Jade Jones, right, and refugee Olympic team Kimiya Arizade Zenurin compete in the Taekwondo Women's 57 kg and below competition

Jade Jones of the United Kingdom brought back Taekwondo Gold in the games of London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016, right.However, she failed to defend the title against the refugee Olympic team Kimiya Ariza de Zenurin, leaving © AFP via Getty Images.

  • Britain’s Jade Jones, two-time Olympic champion in Taekwondo, was knocked out in 16 rounds in the women’s category under 57 kg. As a result, he was beaten by Kimiya Arizade Zenurin, who was born in Iran and represents the refugee Olympic team, and caused great confusion in the world’s number one. Jones was widely expected to win Team GB’s first gold medal in Tokyo.

  • Australia’s Ashleigh Barty lost in the first round of the Women’s Singles Tennis Tournament. The number one player in the world who won Wimbledon this month and participated in the Olympics fell shockingly to Sara Sorribes Tormo of Spain.On the men’s side, Andy Murray of the United Kingdom announced that he would withdraw from Single tournament Focus on doubles events with Joe Salisbury. Murray said he was advised not to attend both events due to quadriceps tension.

  • The IOC announced 10 new Covid-19 cases at the Olympic Games on Sunday, bringing the total to 132 cases. Among them was Dutch boat coach Josy Verdonkschot, who had been quarantined for 10 days.

On the podium

Tunisia's Ahmed Hafnaui poses for the gold medal after winning the men's 400-meter freestyle.

Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaui defeats Australia’s Jack McLoughlin and U.S. Keeran Smith to win the Olympic gold medal in Tunisia’s first swim © AP

The most likely winners are the pristine uniforms prepared by the Olympic associations of each country to ensure their role is seen during the medal ceremony. However, Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaui did not seem to have done so because the men’s 400m freestyle victory was his first gold medal in swimming in his country.

It was an amazing upset. The Olympic swimming final was played in Hakhnaui, the second Tunisian to start in the outer lane. However, he swam 3 seconds faster than his personal best recorded in the heat and won with a time of 3: 43.36. On the podium, he wore a simple gray training T-shirt. But all the attention was on the medal hung on his neck.

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